Welcome to the Tyche website.

Tyche is bunch of people who like to play (board-)games. We play every Monday-evening in the Griffioen.
Everyone is welcome! Just walk in and play a long! There is no admission fee.
For more information contact us at: info@spellenclubtyche.nl

Summerreces is over! From now on playing games on every monday with Tyche in de Griffioen.

Where are we?
We are located in the Cultural Centrum on Uilenstede, Amstelveen: Cultuurcentrum VU Griffioen.
Adress: Uilenstede 106, 1183 AM Amstelveen.
Uilenstede is about 1 km south of the VU Amsterdam (Free University in Amsterdam) in Amstelveen-North.

E-mail: info@spellenclubtyche.nl

The Gamenights
We play most mondays from seven pm until around half past ten in Cultuurcentrum VU de Griffioen.
Free Entrance!

Next game nights in de Griffioen
Monday 18 june 2018
Monday 25 june 2018

July and August the Griffioen is closed! So no Tyche game-night there.
As usual we're playing at Il-Café on Uilenstede (about 100 meters from Griffioen).

Monday 2 july 2018: possibly Il-Café. Still uncertain because of WC Football
Monday 9 july 2018: Il-Café
Monday 16 july 2018: Il-Café
Monday 23 july 2018: Il-Café

How to get there
By car:
Type "Uilenstede, Amstelveen" on your routeplanner.
Follow the signs to the Griffioen once you are on Uilenstede (or ask someone). Its FREE Parking!
Public Transport:
With the train to Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Amstel or Amsterdan CS. Zuid is by far the closest!
With tramline 5 or 51 to Uilenstede.
Take the stairs (or elevator) down from the platform. At the bottom to the left. Follow the signs with the word "Griffioen".
Inside the Griffioen:
If you enter the Griffioen, ask at the desk on the groundfloor. Or take the second stair on your right, at the top to the left, first hallway (no door) to your right, pass through two sets of doors - you pass through a glass overpass -; And you will probably find people playing games. In any case from 19.15 onwards!

We have over 200 games in our cupboard. For a partial list: Spellenlijst..
Of course you can bring your own game. Most evenings there are a number of "brought along games".

E-mail: tychenieten@live.nl